Georg Jensen Damask

Welcome to a world of textiles based on Danish design heritage, craftsmanship and centuries-old weaving traditions.

100% Egyptian Cotton Tablecloths

Georg Jensen Damask Exclusive Kimono Robe Collection

a unique classic touch which creates value across generations

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Georg Jensen Damask is a modern textile design company

with a focus on quality, functionality and classic designs.

The creative surroundings for the activities are still the domicile in Kolding.


Through close and development cooperation with the best designers of our time, we have created a textile universe of classic products, which apply to the discerning customer. We still develop the collection with respect towards generations of weaving traditions, but which also matches the trend of the times.

danish heritage - Weaving the past into the present


The Georg Jensen Damask family began to weave textiles for the home around the time that Columbus discovered America. Officially, the story begins in 1756, when Andreas Jensen marries Kirsten Christensdatter and the two of them lay the foundations for the Georg Jensen Damask we know today.


With a history that goes back generations, Georg Jensen Damask represents a unique craftsman-like quality and timeless design that encompasses all types of textiles for the home. The Georg Jensen Damask family’s philosophy was to create high quality;  various design products with great functionality and beauty. A philosophy we still use to navigate by today.