Dachstein Woolwear™ 100% Austrian Woolens

100% AUSTRIAN Wool sweaters, socks, gloves, mittens, caps, and more

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Dachstein Woolwear is a private label brand of a well known Austrian maker of 100% organic wool products, including sweaters, mittens, gloves, slippers, caps, and more.


Dachstein Woolwear is "made from boiled wool in a weave so dense they're almost waterproof" and have been used by mountaineers for their incredible warmth even when they're covered with snow and ice.  Extreme cold weather gear famous for decades in the Alps is now available to you.


Dachstein Woolwear is based in Styria, Austria and their Motto is: "From Nature with Nature."


The products are processed with hot water only and they are proud their business premises and process machinery are heated by a pollution free and long lasting biomass heating system supplied by local forests.