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Quality Wool Clothing from Norway and Austria

Picturesque Norway

SweaterChalet.com is proud to be the US distributor of Norlender and Dachstein Woolwear products.  We have a decade long history of eCommerce and high customer satisfaction.  


We want you to be happy with your purchase in every way.    

We are located in Columbus, Ohio and look forward to hearing from you at help@sweaterchalet.com or by phone at 614 684 8401.

Norlender Wool

Norlender Wool worker sewing quality sweaters

Norlender was founded in 1927 by the present owner’s grandfather in Tveiten on the west coast of Norway. In 1947, the business moved to Hosanger, on the side of the stunning Osterfjord. For a more details, read the legend of Ola. 


Norlender Knitwear Designs are all based on a rich Norwegian knitting heritage, where the cold climate has been the driving force in teaching us about the superior qualities of pure wool. Being a third generation family business, Norlender is proud to continue this textile tradition and offer you the latest designs for your enjoyment.



Dachstein Woolwear

Dachstein Woolwear worker sewing quality sweaters

Dachstein Woolwear is a private label brand of a well known Austrian maker of 100% wool products, including sweaters, mittens, gloves, slippers, caps, and more.  The Company is based in Styria, Austria and you can read more about it here.  

Why Choose Wool?

  • Wool is up to 10x more breathable than artificial fiber textiles.
  • The loss of warmth through the skin is kept to a minimum, therefore, the body loses less energy.
  • Sheep wool is antibacterial, anti-static, and does not irritate the skin.
  • When worn often, wool does not retain body odors.
  • Wool as a natural product, without being modified, has naturally a level of wind and water resistance.
  • Wool is a perfect protection against inhospitable and extreme cold conditions.
  • Wool can be 100% recycled and is nature friendly.

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