PossumDown of New Zealand

a lightweight blend with merino wool for superior warmth and softness

Perfect for Travel, Hiking, and More -- Now in Many Colors

PossumDown 2019 Catalog
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more about possumdown

possumdown is a unique blend of yarn including New Zealand brushtail possum fur and super fine New Zealand merino lamb’s wool. Mother nature gave the brushtail possum a secret weapon against the cold. A secret only shared with their cousins the polar bear. And that weapon is something best seen under a microscope. Despite each fur fibre only being 16-18 microns thick, each and every one of those minute fibres is hollow! This means every single fibre has a pocket of air which is like a self insulating armour. So when you wear possumdown you end up with a unique and amazing force field against the cold. 

Not only is possumdown about the warmest knitwear fibre of its kind on the planet, it is also a great deal lighter and less bulky than merino making it the preference for travelers and adventure seekers who need to travel light. And although merino is known for its amazing waterproofing and wicking properties, (wicking draws moisture away from the skin) the possum fur in possumdown makes our garments even more waterproof than merino. The performance of this super fur in extreme conditions is why so many skiers, hikers and adventurers wear possumdown.