Strathtay Hand-Knit Scottish BFL 100% Wool Sweaters

exclusive!  Made in Scotland OF 100% Blue Faced leicester SOFT LUXURIANT wool

Strathtay has been making knitwear for the fishermen of Scotland for generations and are one of the few true 'cottage' knitters still around today, offering a level of quality that modern processes and international brands cannot achieve.


The hand-knit Strathtay shawl collar sweaters perfectly showcase their expertise to an exceptionally high level, and are made from 100% brilliantly soft Blue Faced Leicester Wool. 


Strathtay sweaters and other fine woolens are imported from Inverallan Limited from the highlands of Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

I can’t seem to find the Write a review button for the Strathtay sweater and the Strathtay knit hat.

Here is what I would like to submit as a review:

The Strathtay knit pullover is a WARM sweater!  It finally turned cold enough in Northern Virgina to give the sweater an acid test (feels-like temp minus 5 degrees with a gusty wind of 30-43 MPH winds, actual temp low 20s).  I wore the sweater outside under a light shell for a few hours while moving fire wood.  I was perfectly comfortable the entire time.  The sweater fits like a second skin.  The write-up description of how it drapes is right on.  This sweater is worth every dollar it costs.  It is also my opinion that the person who knitted it should be declared a national treasure.  It is definitely a wearable piece of art.

Signed:  oldtar


The Strathtay knit cap is now my official go-to cold weather cap.  It is much warmer than the wool U. S. Navy issue watch cap.  I recommend this cap to anyone who spends any time outdoors in very cold weather.

Signed:  oldtar 12/26/22

If you could attach my review to the sweater and the cap I would appreciate it.  Also, some times this summer I’m giving serious consideration to purchasing the shawl collar cardigan.