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FINGER TIP HIGH TOUCH TECH Works with your phones, tablets & touchscreens        Keep the gloves ON!!  AS Our materials allow you to keep surfing on your gadgets while keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

Zigzag Gloves as featured by Oprah's Favorite Things

New Evolg Zigzag and TORI-CO2 Touch Screen Gloves *as featured by Oprah's Favorite Things 2019

Tori-CO2 as featured by Oprah's Favorite Things

Touch Screen Gloves





Evolg developed the special conductive yarn that able to control touch screen phone with glove on.  This original yarn is processed by a special method with cotton before yarn was ionize with titanium keep original warmth and high conductivity.  This yarn is friendly to metal allergy.





Combining authentic Japanese style, years of rigorous research and a magic touch, EVOLG gloves are specially built to adapt to the modern, electronic world. EVOLG’s signature draw lies in their conductive yarn, mixing ionized copper oxide and titanium into cotton before the spinning process. Tested for functionality, friction and speed, the resulting product keeps hands warm while allowing the wearer full access to touch screen mobility.

EVOLVG — the name a play on words that means, cryptically, “hit me 6 times” — rolled out in 2010 with the goal of disseminating Japanese quality to cold climes across the globe. Today, they sell their colorful and eye-catching designs in fashion and outdoor stores alike, in cities like New York, London, Taipei, Hong Kong and more.

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