Isak Wool Pillow Cushion by Roros Tweed

beautiful 100% wool pillow cushion from norway

Isak Pillow Cushion by Roros Tweed

The first sketches for the Isak series came about in 2016 when Anderssen & Voll was part of an inter-national design research project called ‘Furnishing Utopia’. The initial stage was organized as a workshop at the Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts, USA. Craft was a central part of the Shaker Movement. The frugal, solid and clear way in which they shaped their surroundings, had a certain sense of modernity, material sense and care to it which resonates well with challenges, needs and desires of our own time.

The seats of classic Shaker chairs are often braided from colourful, woven cotton tape. The designers translated this braided expression from a constructive textile surface and into a light, soft and decorative cushions and throws.

— Anderssen & Voll.

Size: 60 x 60 cm  (24 x24 in.)

Material: 100% Fine Norwegian Wool

From Norway

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