Possumdown Merino Wool Possum Beanie

lightweight fibers with superior warmth from new zealand

Possumdown Lightweight Fashioned Beanie

From the wilds of New Zealand to you, this classic rib beanie for men and women is a uniquely New Zealand item made from a brushtail possum/merino blend. 


  • Superior protection from the cold with hollow fibers.
  • Lightweight to pack: perfect for hiking, camping, and travel
  • Designed for warmth AND comfort.
  • A stylish way to keep your head warm and warmer than merino alone.
  • Water resistant and quick drying.


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Scarf sold separately.


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Color Choices are: Aviator Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Natural Beige, Riverstone Grey, Ruby Red, and Black. 


One Size:

Length: 8 in.

Width: 8 in.



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