Georg Jensen Damask

Georg Jensen Damask Exclusive 100% egyptian cotton christmas tablecloth

The Blue Gold Christmas Tablecloth by Georg Jensen Damask in 100% Egyptian Cotton

A lovely cotton tablecloth for any home.


  • About this tablecloth:
    • 100% Egyptian cotton - double-twined and combed.
    • There is simply nothing like this wonderful design for a Christmas Table Cloth in the incredible "Braided Christmas hearts & Stylized spruce twigs" pattern by Bodil Bødtker-Næss; she was one the inner-circle of textile designers at Georg Jensen Damask in the 1970s who won many design awards.   
    • It's classic and will be admired by friends and family as a unique holiday tradition.
    Good advice.
    • Choose tablecloth size: We recommend a drop of  20cm to 25 cm (7.87 to 9.84 in)  to obtain the most beautiful look. For example if you have a table of 1 meter x 2 meters (1.09 x 2.19 yards) we recommend that the size of the tablecloth is 140 x 240 cm (55. inches  x 94  inches.).


  • 3 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 2-4 business days




Design: Bodil Bødtker-Næss

The CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH is a nostalgic signature design in the damask collection and its iconic motif symbolizes Christmas as the season of goodwill. This is an exclusive tablecloth that one grows up with and passes on to the next generation.
Bodil Bødtker-Næss, who was one the inner-circle of textile designers at Georg Jensen Damask in the 1970s, designed the motif. She was also responsible for the classic Easter design from the same period. The braided Christmas hearts and stylized spruce twigs have represented the quintessence of Christmas atmosphere for more than 40 years and the design is an essential part of Christmas in many Danish homes.The color combination of Blue Gold was taken from the original design proposal from 1975, when the designer had envisioned a blue version of the CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH. It would be 40 years before this became a reality however. The subdued blue gives the tablecloth a modern look and makes it an elegant alternative for laying a classic Christmas table in slightly more unconventional colors. Matching napkins woven in linen complete the expression.

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