The Famous Dachstein Woolwear™

Making legendary boiled wool

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Who makes Dachstein Woolwear 100% Boiled Austrian woolens?

Dachstein Woolwear is a gift from the gods brought to us mere mortals by a family in the Dachstein Mountains of Styria, Austria. This small business is headed by Hermann Rabenhaupt, with many other relatives in supporting roles. They also employ many stay-at-home knitters who are able to enjoy the company of their children and grandchildren while working at their own pace on your favorite sweaters, socks, and gloves.


Hermann Rabenhaupt worked his whole life with yarn, from his training after schooling, to being a knitter, to becoming the director of another famous wool operation, before founding his current enterprise in 2001.

The Quality

The beauty of Dachstein Woolwear is the wonderful range of carefully knit items that can be found in any number of colors and gauges which are all processed with only two ingredient: 100% Austrian Wool AND hot water! Whether they are using hand-knitting machines or automatic knitting machines, the final wool product is shrunken, formed, sewn, and assembled to perfection. The family motto is, "From Nature, with Nature" and this can be seen in their manufacturing process. The building and process machinery are heated by a pollution free and long lasting biomass heating system, supplied by local forests. 

The Philosophy

Dachstein Woolwear itself represents the way we can all live in harmony with our surroundings and even be embraced by them. This approach is based in a traditional built over hundreds of years and is now becoming more popular than ever as people return to sustainable materials, made by caring individuals, without chemicals or plastics, only 100% Austrian boiled wool. This kind of quality is hard to come by these days and we are so proud to supporting this rich tradition loved by many for so many years. 

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