Strathtay Hand-Knit Cardigan Sweater in 100% BFL Wool

Hand-knit 100% BLUE FACED LEICESTER (BFL) cardigan from scotland

Strathtay Hand-Knit 100% Scottish BFL Sheep Wool Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater



Strathtay's classic shawl collar cardigan cable hand-knit pullover sweater is a wardrobe essential. Made of 100% Scottish Blue Faced Leicester (BFL Sheep Wool)--see full description of this premium and much sought after wool.  You won't believe the feel of these gorgeous heavyweight sweaters. Each one is truly a hand-knit and unique work of art and craftsmanship!   Exclusively ours!


Material: 100% Scottish Luxurious, Soft and Elegant  Blue Faced Leicester Wool

Sizes: 38 to 54. See size chart.


Colors:  Navy



Read more product and sizing details, and more about premium quality and premium priced Blue Faced Leicester below.



  • 4 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 2-4 business days

Cardigan Details

Strathtay has been making knitwear for the fishermen of Scotland for generations and are one of the few true 'cottage' knitters still around today . The hand-knit sweater perfectly showcases their expertise, always made from 100% BFL Wool to an exceptionally high level.


  • 100% Premium Blue Faced Leicester Wool from the Scottish Highlands
  • Expertly Hand Knit by Generations of Knitters
  • Rich Color, Brilliant Sheen and Lustre, Very Soft and Gentle Wool
  • Shawl Collar, for Added Warmth and Style
  • Chunky Ribbed Cuffs and Hem
  • Cable Knit Pattern
  • Over-Sized Wooden Buttons and Two Neat Front Pockets
  • Depending on Sizing Weighs from 3 1/2 to  4 lbs.
  • From Scotland

About Blue Faced Leicester Wool

Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) is an English long wool breed sheep with a light blue face, developed from the Leicester area in the early 20th century.  


According to the BFL Breeders Association, their fiber is 24-28 microns, up to 6″ staple length.  So not quite as fine as Merino and an inch or two longer, which is why it gets that “Easy to spin!” label attached to it so often.  Long wool sheep breeds are known for long, curly, lustrous fibre.  As you can see it the photo, while the Merino is fluffy the BFL has ringlets.  The BFL is plenty soft enough for next-to-skin wear.


Because of their curly locks, BFL wool doesn’t have the same super crimp as Merino.  This means yarn spun from it is a bit less elastic, less fluffy, with less memory.  But it’s got two things that Merino doesn’t – drape and shine.  Drape is kind of the opposite to memory.  Instead of springing back into place, it hangs where it’s put.  Think of . . . a ragdoll cat vs. a hyperactive kitten. 


So a shawl sweater made of BFL will drape over your shoulders and elegantly stay put.  It doesn’t have a mind of its own. The shine is a bonus feature.  It’s terribly scientific, which is something I’m not good at, but basically all the crimpiness of the Merino refracts light all around every which way, and the smoother BFL doesn’t so the wearer is illuminated by the BFL wool.    Almost like having a Halo enveloping your very being!  (Since I wrote this text last winter we have had every customer buying one, writing to us or calling us to tell us how much they love their BFL Strathtay sweater.  We are getting our new shipment in October after six months of hand knitting so order or pre order now as we have a limited number due to the time consuming production cycle. We will have the white again and navy blue--- Rick 09/2017)



Merino: Super fine and crimpy. Very very soft, not very strong.  Shorter than average staple length.  Fluffy and warm.

Blue Faced Leicester WoolQuite fine, more curly than crimpy. Very soft, stronger than Merino. Long, lustrous and elegant. Extra warm. 



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