Austrian Style Wood Sock Forms

wooden sock forms for air drying wool socks

Austrian Style Wood Sock Forms

Austrian Wood Forms for Drying Dachstein Woolwear


Need help drying your wool socks? 

Our Austrian Style Wood Sock Forms are perfect for air drying your Dachstein Woolwear socks!


A wood sock form will keep the shape and thickness of your socks and extend their life. By using 7-part warp-resistant pressed unfinished plywood, the sock form will hold the sock firmly in its natural shape while allowing it to air out and dry quickly. Your wool socks will not slip when hung and will retain their natural boiled wool felting as a result.


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  • 5 lb
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  • Ships within 2-4 days1

Wood Form Details

These are made from the same pressed wood as the sock forms used to form Dachstein Woolwear socks when they are originally dried after boiling in a thermal heat cellar. Each wood sock form has been laser cut to the exact same dimensions as the original forms used in Austria to make our Dachstein Woolwear socks in order to maintain perfect fit and sizing. 


You will find these to be wonderfully made and substantially thicker than other sock blockers. Each order is for one pair of wood forms. Socks sold separately.  


To wash your expertly knit socks,  see our Wool Wash which requires as little as 15 minutes of soaking and doesn't need to be rinsed. 

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