Eucalan No-Rinse Fine Wool Wash

care for your 100% wool with ease

Eucalan No-Rinse Fine Wool Wash

Many customers wanted to know what we use to care for our beautiful hand knit woolens, and we are now proud to present you with our favorite, Eucalan Fine Wool Wash.


Eucalan is a gentle and highly concentrated wash solution that is perfect for hand washing hand knit garments, fine fabrics and delicates.


The derivative of the company name, ‘Eucalan’, is the combination of two of the prominent ingredients from the original product formula -- eucalyptus and lanolin.


The lanolin in Eucalan helps to condition and soften the fibers.


The Eucalyptus scented product is still available along with sweet-smelling Lavender (which like eucalyptus has moth-inhibiting qualities) and Grapefruit, which has natural disinfectant properties.


There is also a Unscented option for people with scent sensitivities and the newest Jasmine scented “Wrapture.”


Available in Travel Size (3.3 fl oz / 100mL) or Full Size (16.9 fl oz / 500mL) 


Use as directed. This product is concentrated so a few drops go a long way!


For faster drying times, use our Austrian Wood Sock Forms which will keep your socks in shape and help them last a lifetime. 



  • 1 lb
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  • Ships within 7-14 days