Selbu Knittings of Norway Norwegian Wool Mitten for Women

100% wool mittens knit by women in selbu norway

Selbu Knittings of Norway Women's Mitten - Hand Knit

Does this belong in a museum or on your hand? Maybe both. You certainly won't want to miss this chance to feel the warmth of Nordic Ancestral pride when you wear a genuine piece of Norwegian history of 100% pure wool. Each mitten is hand knit by one of the 70 women employed by Selbu Knittings of Norway, the authentic maker of the storied Norwegian Selbu-patterned Woolens. Every stitch is sewn with a bit of magic, and the overall effect is mesmerizing with the gorgeous contrast between the "hvit," a classic warm Norwegian white yarn, and "sort," a brooding dark black. You will also find the golden seal of Selbu Knittings of Norway attached, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of the piece. 


Note: Each knitter at Selbu Knittings of Norway has their own personality, so exact yarn and selbu rose pattern will vary slightly. 


100% Norwegian Selbu Wool Yarn.

Made by Hand in Norway.


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