Røros Tweed Color Noise Wool Blanket

extreme warm 100% wool throws from norway

Roros Tweed Color Noise Blanket

A field of soft lines splatter to make their own way to the deep background, seamless transition from glow to color, from noise to silence.  Brilliant contrasting colors and hues from an errant brush!  Describing the design is better with a front and back turn example for say the black throw. Shown below is a three picture frame showing the black blanket being turned over: first the black side, then twist to the white side and then the obverse white side.  The other colors are similarly designed.

Snøhetta Design is an award-winning, multidisciplinary graphic design and branding agency incorporated within the Snøhetta offices in Oslo and New York. All projects are based on strong and sustainable concepts. Snøhetta focuses on collaboration with multiple professions working together to explore differing approaches to each project. Snøhetta is made up of designers and professionals from around the world.

Size: 130 x 200 cm (approx 51 inches by 78 inches)

Material: 100% Fine Norwegian Wool

From Norway

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