Bushman's Friend Possum Calf Sock

lightweight fibers with superior warmth from new zealand

Bushman's Friend Possum Calf Sock

The outdoors sock with added possum fur for comfort, warmth and dryness.

Mid calf length with elasticated rib shank.

Cushion areas of high density pile for protection against blisters.

Toe seams are extra flat.

Possum fur has the following unique qualities: fabric softness, high thermal insulation, transfer of moisture, and it is reputed to combat skin conditions.

Composition: 50% polypropylene - for wicking moisture away from the skin, 30% merino wool - for warmth, 20% possum fur - for comfort.



Available in Dark Grey/Black in Sizes Small (3-5), Medium (6-10),  Large (11-13).




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