Possum Fur Merino Wool Blend Fingerless Gloves

lightweight fibers with superior warmth from new zealand

Possum Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves


 From the wilds of New Zealand to you these gloves are a uniquely New Zealand item made from a brushtail possum/merino blend. 


  • Superior protection from the cold with hollow fibers.
  • Lightweight to pack: perfect for hiking, camping, and travel
  • Designed for warmth AND comfort.
  • A stylish way to keep your hands warm and warmer than merino alone.
  • Water resistant and quick drying.


Available in Black in Sizes S, M, L, and XL.



  • 0.5 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 4-6 days

Technical Qualities

What are these made of?

This unique blend of yarn includes New Zealand brushtail possum fur and super fine New Zealand merino lamb’s wool.


The fiber and its qualities

Mother nature gave the brushtail possum a secret weapon against the cold. A secret only shared with their cousins the polar bear. And that weapon is something best seen under a microscope. Despite each fur fiber only being 16-18 microns thick, each and every one of those minute fibers is hollow! This means every single fiber has a pocket of air which is like a self insulating armor. So when you wear it, you end up with a unique and amazing force field against the cold.

But not only is this about the warmest knitwear fiber of its kind on the planet, it is also a great deal lighter and less bulky than merino making it the preference for travelers and adventure seekers who need to travel light.

And although merino is known for it’s amazing waterproofing and wicking properties, (wicking draws moisture away from the skin) the possum fur in it makes our garments even more waterproof than merino. The performance of this super fur in extreme conditions is why so many skiers, hikers and adventurers wear it.

And as garments for the elderly or the unwell, this blend is perfect. Superior warmth, dryness and softness make our socks and gloves ideal for diabetes sufferers and those with poor circulation. Can’t get warm? Aching lower back where the cold seeps in? 

This blend is incredibly soft. Brushtail possum fur is similar in softness to angora and cashmere and is combined with the softness of only pure NZ merino lambs wool. If you can’t wear merino on its own, try wearing this blend, it may surprise you. People who can’t wear merino report being able to wear the Possum Merino blend even against bare skin.