Öjbro Vantfabrik Merino Wool Socks

yggdrasil livtranad

Yggdrasil Livtranad Socks by Öjbro Vantfabrik

Yggdrasil Livtranad woollen sock, knit in the Yggdrasil design. This design is inspired by the Viking era Överhogdal tapestries with the world tree (Yggdrasil) and the bird who warned about Ragnarök. We have patterned and dyed in subtle natural colors.


These socks have some stretch to them so the size ranges will overlap. These size translations are approximate but if you know your European shoe size, use that. 


Small is marked as "34-37"

US Men's Shoe Size 4-8

or US Women's Shoe Size 5-7


Medium is marked as "38-41"

US Men's Shoe Size 8-10

or US Women's Shoe Size 7-10


Large is marked as "42-45"

US Men's Shoe Size 10.5-12 or

US Women's Shoe Size 9-12


Some may want to size up for a wider fit in the ankle or calf. 


[Fabric Content: 70% Merino Wool 25% Nylon 5% Spandex]


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  • 0.5 lb
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  • Ships within 2-4 business days
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