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suede palm YGGDRASIL LIV mittens

Suede Palm Yggdrasil Liv Mitten in 100% Merino Wool by Ojbro

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Yggdrasil Livtrånad, this 4 layer mitten is knit in our Yggdrasil design. This design is inspired by the Viking era Överhogdal tapestries with the world tree (Yggdrasil) and the bird who warned about Ragnarök. We have patterned and dyed in subtle natural colours.


Available in Sizes Small, Medium and Large.




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The Yggdrasil Design Story

Överhogdal tapestries are some of Europe’s most significant cultural treasures.

They are dated to the transition period between pagan and Christian times and

thus belongs to the oldest textiles that have been preserved to our time. Since

Paul Jonze made his discovery in 1910, many researchers has tackled the

difficult task of trying to interpret the weaver’s narrative content. It has been

compared to other preserved pictorial representations, Norse sagas, Christian

symbolism, read in fertility rites, wedding trips, antique sacrificial cult. It's

exciting performance worlds we enter into when following these interpretations!


Yggdrasil Pattern Design Story
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