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Skogen is the Swedish word for forest. This design depicts the importance of the forest and the quintessential Swedish value of "everyman's right," or freedom to roam. This 4 layer mitten with suede palm shows the king of the forest in dialogue with the raven. Patterns inspired by and colored in nature's own colors.



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The Skogen Design Story

Two thirds of Sweden is covered in forests. The forest and mankind have been accompanying each other through the centuries. For hundreds of years, the forest has been one of our most important natural resources. Initially, it provided our ancestors with resources for domestic use, such as firewood, timber, carpentry and fencing materials. A material such as birch bark was incredibly important for roofing, and the birch was used as a raw material for a variety of household utensils and tools. Other processed wood products that came from the forest were wood tar and charcoal. Charcoal was an important foundation for Sweden's iron production and export. In the mid 1800's, with the sawmill industry expansion, the forest also gained industrial value.


The Skogen Design Story
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