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Karg Rörö

Karg Roro 100% Merino Wool Mittens by Ojbro

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Far out in the northern part of Gothenburg archipelago is Rörö situated. “Rör” is the old norse languages word for reed. Even today you see these big reed patches on the southwestern part of the island. Rörö is a well-known destination for nature lovers and birdwatchers. The nature on Rörö is unique and a large part of the island is a reserve. It is a barren almost treeless island with 260 inhabitants. The bedrock moors are interesting and composed of a rich variety of rock types. "Monkhuvudet" on the island's central section contains rocks from the ice age, that through weathering has given rise to a rich and special flora.


The oddest Rörö resident through the ages is “Otter-Anders” 1885-1980. Otter-Anders lived as a hunter, fisherman and boat builder. There is many tales being told about Otter-Anders, amongst them a story about how he shot a walrus with three bullets in the same hole. This walrus is now stuffed and on display in the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History. Otter-Anders and his father Stin-Olle lived in a house partly build by wreckage.

Designer Åse Öjbro, founder of Öjbro Vantfabrik, have created wearable art with mittens as her starting point. Åse worked as a painter in many years before she decided to express herself in wool instead. She has created this traditional mitten inspired by the simplest working gloves that fit the harsh and barren climate.

I was impressed by the barren landscape and it reminded me about my grandparent Axel and Axi who lived a hard, tiring and spartan life. Axel worked as a mason and Axi took care of the family and the household. Axi strechted the family budget by going down to the square and sell the eggs and fresh vegetables she could spare. I wanted to capture the feeling of reverence and gratefulness I/we feel towards our families and ancestors who, not that long ago, worked hard to put food on their table.


The outer mitten shell is 100% merino wool and the patented 3 layer polyamide inside creates the Öjbro 3 V-Swedish:   ”Varning: Varma Vantar” ===== "Warning: Warm Mittens." 


We know you can't try these mittens on in cyberspace, but we can share with you our customer experience.  We held 12 trunk shows this summer and every one of the fifty or so men and women loved the warmth, softness, and design of these Öjbro Vantfabrik wool mittens and wanted to buy them on the spot; we took advance orders instead!  Now finally in America, from Ted and Åse Öjbro and only at Sweater Chalet.  


Knitted in Sweden in Ted Öjbro's small family factory of 100% ORGANIC merino wool, excepting the inner patented 3 layers of polyamide.



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