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Gotland Rosa Merino Wool Socks by Öjbro

Gotland  is Sweden's largest island and the home of the Gutes,  occupied since prehistory and is home to many breeds of horses, for example, the Gotland Pony horses have lived in the forest regions of the island of Gotland from time immemorial. Their history is mysterious and fascinating. Discoveries from the Stone Age show that horses have been present on Gotland for 5,000 years, and perhaps longer.. Thanks to decisive intervention on the part of the local inhabitants, Sweden's most primordial horses still live as they have for thousands of years on the wooded moors of Gotland.


Owner designer Åse Öjbro has created wearable art  (Åse was also an artist of paints and palette for over 20 years before deciding to express her art in wool).  She has created this innovative "equine design" pattern on the back of the mitten hand showing the Gotland Ponies in a forest setting. There is an alternating grey, black and brown nail dot pattern set off by an alternating small v-shaped uniform patterns of lice "lusemonsters" believed to protect from evil spirits.  "I visited Gotland as a child, rode the Ponies, and listened to the island folk stories", continued Åse, and felt a connection to our distant past that my mittens seen to capture."


Made in Sweden in Ted Öjbro's small family facility with merino wool.


Medium is US Men's Shoe Size 4.5-7.5

or US Women's Shoe Size 5.5-9.5


Large is US Men's Shoe Size 8-12 or

US Women's Shoe Size 10-12.5



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The Gotland Design Story as Told by Ase Ojbro to Sweater Chalet
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