Öjbro Vantfabrik Merino Wool Socks

fager iris

Fager Iris Merino Wool Socks by Öjbro


"Fager" is the Swedish word for "Beauty" and Iris of course is the tri petal purple and yellow flower described by poets and lovers throughout history. Iris takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow, which is also the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris.  So it is only fitting that the owner designer Åse Öjbro has created wearable mitten art  (Åse was also an artist of paints and palette for over 20 years before deciding to express her art in wool).  


She has created a panoramic Iris flower pattern showing flower, stem and supporting leaves.  "I love flowers, especially the Iris which is part of our home garden every spring and I thought why not design winter woolens with spring flowers,"  Åse confided, "and I adapted one of my still life Iris's  to a smaller canvas."


Made in Sweden in Ted Öjbro's small family facility with merino wool. 


Medium is US Men's Shoe Size 4.5-7.5

or US Women's Shoe Size 5.5-9.5


Large is US Men's Shoe Size 8-12 or

US Women's Shoe Size 10-12.5 




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The Fager Design Story as Told by Ase Ojbro to Sweater Chalet
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