Öjbro Vantfabrik Merino Wool Short Socks

dalarna the swedish dala horse

Dalarna the Dala Horse Sock in Merino Wool by Öjbro


Owner designer Åse Öjbro has created wearable art with these beautiful socks adorned with one of Sweden's most well-known symbols, the Dala Horse. 


Made in Sweden in Ted Öjbro's small family facility with merino wool. 


Small is US Women's Shoe Size 4-7


Medium is US Women's Shoe Size 7.5-9.5

or US Men's Shoe Size 4.5-7.5 


Large is US Women's Shoe Size 10-12.5

or US Men's Shoe Size 8-12




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  • Ships within 1-4 days1
English Design Story of the Dalecarlia Pattern
Dala 2018 eng.pdf
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