Norlender Lillehammer Men's Pullover Wool Sweater

100% wool pullover with shawl collar and toggle






A Norwegian wool pullover sweater made with wonderful textured knitting and elaborate design, based on the long and rich Norwegian knitting heritage.  For example, the small v-shaped dots are known as the “lusemønster” and were believed to protect from evil spirits. It also has a stylish fold over shawl collar that closes with an elk toggle held by a leather clasp. 


Made in Norway of 3 ply combed wool yarn wool. The water-repellent wool keeps the Norwegian Lillehammer pullover sweater dry in wet conditions, perfect for the outdoors.  Wool has a wonderful water repellent property. You get wet, but the wool has a natural isolation, which makes you feel dry and warm, even when wet.


  • Water repellent, stain and dirt resistant
  • Shawl collar with Elk toggle and leather clasp.
  • Hand wash and lay flat to dry.   


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  • 2 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 2-4 business days