Fram Oslo Norwegian Bunad Blanket

the oslo blanket IN 100% PURE NEW WOOL

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The Oslo Bunad Blanket by Fram Oslo in 100% Pure New Wool

A lovely blanket for any home.


Design by Andreas Engesvik


Oslo Bunad Blanket is inspired by the Oslo Bunad from Norway´s capital.


The Bunad Blanket draws its inspiration from Norwegian traditional folk costumes (bunad), and each blanket relates directly to the colorways of the corresponding costume. This wealth of traditional color and pattern has been interpreted into a contemporary, classic, blanket steeped in heritage.


Material: 100% Pure New Wool

Sizes : 130 cm x 200 cm or 6.5 ft x 4.25 ft

Imported : Made in Norway


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Additional images, information on care, and information on designer Andreas Engesvik below.


  • 3 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 2-4 business days


Special Care Instructions


The Bunad blanket is woven using a very special technique that also makes the Bunad Blanket very delicate, just like the real Bunad. Special care should be taken to avoid contact with any objects that may cause damage to the product, such as rings, bracelets, buckles etc. 


If a thread from a blanket becomes loose, either pull the thread out or carefully cut it off. The woven blanket will not unravel from this. 



Dry Clean Only


About the Bunad Blanket



The Norwegian Bunad is one of the most visible and known traditions in Norwegian cultural heritage. Bunad is a name used for Norwegian traditional clothing and folk costumes. Each Bunad Blanket relates directly to the colors of a corresponding Bunad. 


About the Designer


The original Bunad Blanket is designed by award winning Norwegian designer, Andreas Engesvik. 


The idea for the Bunad Blanket came about one Christmas Eve some years ago.


Andreas Engesvik was surrounded by family wearing Bunads from Setesdal.


The abundance of colors, stripes and details were overwhelming and Andreas Engesvik realized that Bunads can be experienced as colors composed on surface. The Bunad Blanket introduces this rich tradition into our daily environments and interiors.

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