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Evolg Divine Leather Mix Gloves

The Divine Leather Mix Glove is skillfully constructed in Japan using traditional Japanese tweed “BISYU”. It is exceptionally woven with high grade wool combined with alpaca making this wonderful winter accessory an essential with its superior quality, comfort and classic design. This bespoke glove stands apart from the rest for the woman who takes pride in style and quality. This glove was created with the modern convenience and practicality of touch screen compatible leather and one of a kind Diper ID technology which can perform fingerprint authentication with the tip of your thumb. There’s no need to expose your hands to the elements when using your smartphone. 


Sizes: Small or Medium

Colors: Black, White, or Brown


***For the Evolg Color Block Touch Screen Gloves As Featured in Oprah's Favorite Things 2019 see Evolg Zigzag Gloves and Evolg TORI-CO2 Gloves ***


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The newest patented technology using conductive property material on the wedge of gloves.

So you can control the touch-panel with fingertips. You won't feel any stress to start apps or flicks.


DMA Leather

Natural leather with conductive property material for easier access for touch-panels

It is patent pending natural leather incorporating technology to nano penetrate condusctive material and make every material conductive and touch screen compatible. 



The glove was made with touch screen compatible leather and installed Diper ID which can perform fingerprint authentication registration on the tip of thumb. You do not need to take off the glove to unlock your smart phone with fingerprint authentication and/or touch ID.


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