Dale of Norway Thor Masculine Sweater

from the viking collection in 100% norwegian lambswool

Dale of Norway Men's Viking Thor Heron Norwegian Wool Sweater

Sweater Chalet Exclusive!




This Heron Norwegian Wool  sweater is a Sweater Chalet exclusive design and a new addition to the Viking collection. It is made with 100% Norwegian wool, Heron. Heron combines the lightness and comfort known from merino wool with the robust longevity and brilliance of Norwegian wool. All made possible with a careful selection of wool and a revolutionary treatment with natural salts. The bold pattern includes the runic symbols for wisdom, joy, peace, and humanity. This rugged contemporary design is perfect for the ski slopes, après ski or around town. Named after Thor, the hammer-wielding god of Norse mythology associated with thunder and strength.


    • Norwegian Heron wool
    • Inside neck 20,5 micron merino wool
    • Machine washable following care instructions and using the wool cycle


Available in sizes Medium to Extra Extra Large. 


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  • 3 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 2-4 business days

Heron-specific qualities:


• 100% fine Norwegian wool


• From the sheep’s very first shearing


• Short fibers, giving us a finer and softer yarn


• Thinly spun - incredibly light


• Uniquely crisp look and longevity


• Keeping the brilliance, crimp and longevity for which Norwegian wool is world renowned.


• One of the world’s most eco- and animal-friendly textile fibers, due to the sheep’s natural mountain life. 


• Made machine washable by using natural salts.

The Viking Collection by Dale of Norway