Dachstein Woolwear 100% Merino Wool Alpine Cap

100% WOOL cap IN 2 PLY merino WOOL

Limited Edition 2-Ply 100% Merino Wool Dachstein Extra Warm Cap

Style 7113

Exclusive New Dachstein Woolwear product!

Limited Edition: Get them now before we run out!


We've added Merino Wool to our favorite Alpine Cap to create this special super soft 2 Ply Exta Warm 100% Merino Wool Cap! 


This New Merino Wool 2 Ply Alpine Cap is hand knit in Austria. You will find that an amazing boiled wool hat is just what you need to keep body heat from escaping in the coldest of climbs!


Sizes: Available in one size that fits most. 

Colors: Natural Merino


Perfect for skiing, hunting, snowboarding, climbing, ice fishing, and any other outdoor winter sport you can think of. Measures 11 inches from side to side lying flat and 10 inches from inside lying flat -- a half inch thick of wool on each side to keep your head really warm!


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  • 2 ply organic Austrian wool: 2 strands of 4.4 wt wool
  • Exclusively ours---no other 2-ply boiled wool cap like this in the world by Dachstein Woolwear
  • Water repellent; Hand wash
  • Made in Austria of 100% boiled Merino wool.



  • 0.5 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 2-4 business days

Warmth and Weight

Wool weight or wt. is the centimeter length of one gram of wool.  For example, 4.4 wt. is 4.4 cm of a ply of wool is needed to weigh one gram.  So a wool weight of 7.0 wt means 7.0 cm of ply length is needed to weight a gram, making 4.4 wt wool heavier than 7.0 wt.


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