Dachstein Woolwear "Glomitts" Mitten With Finger Caps

100% AUSTRIAN WOOL MITTENS hand sewn and made in austria

Dachstein THREE PLY Extra Warm Mitts w/ Cap!

Style 3115


A great convertible mitten!

Wear these as finger-less gloves or use the "no lose" velcro attached thumb and hand cap cover to convert them to full coverage mitts.


Dachstein Woolwear boiled wool mittens are made from boiled wool in a weave so dense they're almost waterproof and have been used by mountaineers for their incredible warmth even when they're covered with snow and ice.  Extreme cold weather gear famous for decades in the Alps is now available to you.  


Material: Made in Austria of 100% Wool.

Sizes: Available in sizes 6.0 to 9.5 inch spans.

Colors:  Available in Grey and Hunter Green. Black now available to order.


Made with "3 strands of wool" instead of 2 so these Dachstein boiled wool mittens are extra warm.  And these Boiled wool Mittens come with a removable cap so you can expose your fingers for added grip.  Dachstein wool mittens or mitts are the best quality organically made boiled wool mittens you can buy!


See picture of Tony R. from Australia who jaunted to Tasmania in July 2016.  He is wearing our Dachstein Woolwear Glomitts at Anniversary Bay, Rocky Cape National Park, North West Tasmania.  "Hi Sweater Chalet, my Glomitts  keep my fingers flexible and very warm."   


Hand wash in cold water with natural soap and air dry and they will last a lifetime.


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Glove Sizing and Weight

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Wool weight or wt. is the centimeter length of one gram of wool.  For example, 4.4 wt. is 4.4 cm of a ply of wool is needed to weigh one gram.  So a wool weight of 7.0 wt means 7.0 cm of ply length is needed to weight a gram, making 4.4 wt wool heavier than 7.0 wt.

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