Dachstein Woolwear 3 Ply 100% Austrian Wool Gloves

boiled 3 ply cuffed gloves a sweater chalet exclusive!!

NEW! Dachstein Woolwear 3 PLY Antarktis Leather Gloves

Style 2115 Antarktis Cuffed Leather Gloves




Material:  3 Ply 100% Austrian Organic Wool with Leather Trim

Sizes: Available in sizes 6.0 to 9.5 inches

Colors: Black, Grey, or Military


Please measure your hand from wrist to tip of longest finger to find your size. 


Scroll below for additional photos and sizing information. 



  • 0.5 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 4-6 days

How it Happened!    Our 4 Ply Boiled Wool Mittens are the warmest mittens on earth, but many customers wanted both warmth and finger flexibility that only a glove can give,   But,  as we all know, mittens are warmer than gloves since the fingers and palm are all in one unit.   And as we all know, each exposed glove finger will experience heat loss that doesn't happen in mittens.  So we set about to make 3 ply gloves, a global first.  No one was able to make 3 ply gloves before, yet that was what was  needed to make our 2  ply gloves warmer. 


The Issue!  Well, 3 ply wool is thicker and warmer, so you have to design a way to allow that extra wool in between your fingers as not to bunch, but to allow the fingers to move and flex.  After several years of trying this Austrian wool and that, our Dachstein designer solved the problem by marrying thick 2 ply Austrian wool with a slightly less thick 1 ply Austrian wool from a different breed of sheep allowing finger flexing and superior warmth.   A new way of knitting was also created proprietary to Dachstein Woolwear to accomplish this.




It's like having half a sheep on each hand.   There is that much MORE wool and it's boiled which means its very very tightly knit keeping out wind and creating an internal heat shield that circulates warmth across your palm and all fingers, preserving heat.    So venture out into the cold confident you can use your hands for easy finger gripping, pointing, triggering or even tying your shoes or boots!   We even think those of you with Raynaud's disease will find these gloves with superior warmth  in every respect, (but please heat your hands first inside the house, then put your gloves on.)



Please measure your hand from wrist to tip of longest finger to find your size. These gloves are a bit thicker and less forgiving so you may need to order up by half a size if you have wider hands or dexterity issues such as arthritis.

Glove Sizing and Weight

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Wool weight or wt. is the centimeter length of one gram of wool.  For example, 4.4 wt. is 4.4 cm of a ply of wool is needed to weigh one gram.  So a wool weight of 7.0 wt means 7.0 cm of ply length is needed to weight a gram, making 4.4 wt wool heavier than 7.0 wt.

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