Strathtay 100% Cashmere Wool Rib and Cable Design 4 Ply Cap Hat

A Sweater Chalet Exclusive!

Rib and Cable 4 ply super warm luxurious hand-knitted cap with a turn-up brim which allows room for a more personalized fit.  Exclusively ours in popular colors, this cap or hat is always needed for the cold blowy winter months to keep you super warm


Strathtay has been making knitwear for the fishermen of Scotland for generations and are one of the few true 'cottage' knitters still around today, offering a level of quality that modern processes and international brands can't match.   



Material:  100% Natural Thick 4 Ply Hand-Knitted Cashmere Wool

Size: One Size fits Most

Colors: Slate (Grey) or Black



Warmest softest 100% Cashmere Cap you will every own!!


  • 0.5 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 4-6 days
Notes from Strathtay
Our Cashmere cap is knitted from a very fine and very soft Cashmere yarn with many plys.   Here is our method. Our Cashmere is sourced in Inner Mongolia from Cashmere goats. Mongolia is famed for having the best Cashmere and has for centuries created beautiful and warm clothing for local wear.   (Inner Mongolian Cashmere is  known for being super-soft, durable, warm and luxurious.)
The indigenous people there now make a limited amount for export and we have been a long time customer.    The Cashmere fibers come from the goat undercoat and  is very fine and provides superior warmth to the goats in the harsh freezing winters there.  (Only 25% of a Cashmere goat's fleece wool is used, so it takes the wool of two goats just to make one of our Cashmere caps.)
To make our Strathtay cap, we first spin two single Cashmere wool strands into one knitters ply.   Then we use 10 of those plys (or 20 strands in total) to hand knit our cap which can take up to 4 hours to hand knit.   And, as a result, our Cashmere caps are like no other: 
  • best sustainable Cashmere wool from the original source,
  • highest content of strands and plys of Cashmere wool to make a very luxurious cap,
  • most durable, softest, warmest cap, and
  • direct to you at a value price like no other on the market!!!!! 



Note from the maker:  These are 100% received Cashmere Hats, Cashmere gets softer once washed,  We don't give the Hats/Garments their first wash which can remove essential oils that "cure" the wool naturally,   Once they have been given their first wash by your customers, you will  immediately sense the softness and luxuriousness.