Picnic Wool Pillow Cushion by Roros Tweed

beautiful 100% wool pillow cushion from norway

Picnic Pillow Cushion by Roros Tweed

With the Picnic pattern, Anderssen & Voll were searching for the perfect texture that juxtaposed refined elegance and lightness with a certain roughness, an all-purpose design in the truest sense. 

"When working on transferring the texture of the 'Picnic' throw onto a cushion, we found that the rather coarse texture called for a larger format (60 cm x 60 cm). A big part of our overall design work is various types of upholstery. The fat "lip" framing the cushion is a detail we borrowed from bigger furniture: sofas and lounge chairs."

Design by Anderssen & Voll 

Size: 60 x 60 cm  (24 x24 in.)

Material: 100% Fine Norwegian Wool

From Norway

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