Norlender NorwegianWool Sweaters and More for Children

Norlender Children's Fanafjelli Cardigan Style 559
This gorgeous children's cardigan keeps your child looking smart and feeling warm. A genuine and traditional item made of 100% pure Norwegian Wool, this cardigan is a cold weather staple. A red detailing across the shoulders and at the wrist ... (Read More)
Norlender Children's Stjerne Cardigan Style 557
Keeps the cold out with an upscale twist! This Children's 100% Pure Wool Norwegian Cardigan has a sharp fit and traditional snowflake design. Detailing around the neck and wrists creates a polished finish, while the white banding contrasted ... (Read More)
Norlender Children's Setesdal Pullover Sweater Sty
This is the children's version of our adult Setesdal Norwegian pullover sweater.  It has a snowflake and diamond design in contrasting red, blue and white colors and is held together with unique and beautiful pewter clasps.  What a charming ... (Read More)
Norlender Children's Tyrihans (Reindeer) Cardigan
This Norwegian cardigan is a perfect synthesis of dazzling design and warmth-retaining softness. A cardigan of 100% Pure Norwegian wool will keep your child comfortable through every season. Five pewter buttons enclose the front of the sweat ... (Read More)
Norlender Children's Vestavind Pullover Style 555
  This adorable children's pullover is made of 100% Pure Norwegian Wool. Wool is famous for its union of beauty and durability-- the perfect formula for making a high quality children's garment that is as attractive as it is kid-tough ... (Read More)
Norlender Children's Tyrihans (Reindeer) Pullover
This charming and fashionable pullover is made of 100% Genuine Norwegian Wool. The sweater prominently features a signature design of reindeer, or "Tyrihans," surrounded by an intricate pink pattern that contrasts nicely with a glowing white ... (Read More)
Norlender Children's Hat and Mitten Set
Style: 257 258   Keep the heat in with these great matching 100% wool Nordic snowflake lined wool hat and wool mitten items for the littlest ones! So cute for that age for picture taking!  And Save 15% when you buy them togethe ... (Read More)
$64.90 From $54.95
Norlender Children's Hat and Mittens Set
252 253   These children's set of fleece lined 100% Nordic wool mittens and wool hat will keep your children's hands and head toasty and warm. Decorated with our traditional Nordic reindeer motif, these wool mittens  and wool h ... (Read More)
$64.90 $54.95
Norlender Children's Scarf Style 222
This gorgeous children's scarf is as attractive as it is practical. Decorated with our traditional Nordic snowflake motif, this scarf is a cozy piece that will last many years and never go out of style.    Made in Norway of 100 ... (Read More)
Norlender Children's Scarf Style 260
Brightly colored these children's scarves are perfect for boy or girl and can be purchased as a matched set with cap, scarf, and mittens or gloves, your choice.   Save on buying the set.   Made in Norway of 100% soft Norwegian ... (Read More)
$45.95 $39.95
Norlender Children's Hat Style 259
Brightly colored in grey with red or navy these children's Nordic wool hats are perfect for boy or girl and can be purchased as a matched set with cap, scarf, and or gloves, your choice.      Made in Norway of 100% wool.   Avai ... (Read More)
Style 258 Children's Mittens
These diamond snowflake patterned and fleece lined Norwegian wool mittens are great for outdoor play or strolling.  And oh so warm in Norwegian wool and cute as well in red or grey for ages 1 to 2!   Made in Norway from 100% wo ... (Read More)
Norlender Children's Hat Style 221
Any child will love this warm Norwegian wool hat made from 100% wool in Norway with a snowflake and diamond design.   The Nordic wool ties fit the cap snugly and have pom poms at each end for easy closure topped off with a whimsical top pom. ... (Read More)
$39.95 $34.95
Norlender Children's Hat Style 257
Your toddler will love this Nordic style warm hat made from 100% Norwegian wool with fleece lining.   The under the chin tie will keep away the cold in this wonderful diamond design.   Made in Norway of 100% wool.       ... (Read More)
$39.95 $34.95
Norlender Children's Hat Style 252
This fleece lined children's Nordic wool hat is made of 100% Norwegian wool. Decorated with traditional Nordic reindeer, this Norweigan wool hat is sure to keep any child stylish and warm.    Made in Norway of 100% soft Norwegi ... (Read More)
$39.95 $34.95
Norlender Children's Hat Style 234
Beautifully designed children's lined wool hat made of 100% Norwegian wool. The lovely details and colors in this hat bring life to any snowy day.   The Navy hat has a blue pom pom.  The White a white pom at top.     Available ... (Read More)
$39.95 $32.95
Norlender's Children's Mittens Style 253
These children's fleece lined mittens will keep your children's hands toasty and warm. Decorated with our traditional Nordic reindeer motif, these woolens are as beautiful as they are practical.    See matching hat and sweater. ... (Read More)
$35.95 $29.95

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