Öjbro Vantfabrik Patterned Cardigan

lycksele cardigan

Lycksele Merino Wool Cardigan by Ojbro Vantfabrik

 This Swedish Merino wool cardigan is knit in the Lycksele design. This design is inspired by a traditional weave called the västerbottens drällen originating from the Samer (or Lappar) people now known to the Lycksele region in Sweden. An inspiring Swedish symbol patterned and dyed in traditional colors.


  • Öjbro Vantfabrik cardigan is made of 100% Merino Wool.
  • Washing instructions inside the cardigan.
  • See additional images for sizing information.



  • 2 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 4-6 days

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100% Merino Wool Knit

The Lycksele Design Story

Until the 17th century, there were no communities in the southern of Lapland. The location Öhn was deemed a church and marketplace in the year of 1607 by King Karl IX and Lycksele was built there. Lycksele celebrated its 400 year anniversary in 2007. Lycksele was granted city rights in 1946, Lycksele was the first city of Lapland. The town is called "Lapp Stockholm " and markets itself as "the city of Lapland " according to the fact they was the first city in Lappland. The city early became an important meeting place.



The Lycksele Design Story
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