Dachstein Woolwear All Cotton Lined 4 Ply 100% Wool Cap

100% WOOL cap cotton lining

Dachstein 4 Ply Austrian Wool Cap with 100% Cotton Lining

Woven Cotton Lined Cap


The same Dachstein 4 ply extreme warm cap you love now with a woven cotton lining for added comfort.  Our customers said:

"Hey my head is allergic to wool, can you provide a liner?"

"I am losing my hair here and there and I need some softness!"


So Hermann set about and sourced soft cotton and asked Hildy to  line the caps!!


Perfect for skiing, hunting, snowboarding, climbing, ice fishing, and any other outdoor winter sport you can think of.    And now our Chicago friends tell us the Blast from the Past Arctic Vortex in late January 2019 did not phase them while wearing our 4 ply caps!!


Colors:  Grey or Black or Military Color  in Kamgarn Wool available now

Sizes: Standard (29cm brim) or XL (33cm)




Exclusively ours

Water repellent; Hand wash

Made in Austria of 100% boiled organic wool and 100% organic cotton



  • 1 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 4-6 days

Warmth and Weight

Wool weight or wt. is the centimeter length of one gram of wool.  For example, 4.4 wt. is 4.4 cm of a ply of wool is needed to weigh one gram.  So a wool weight of 7.0 wt means 7.0 cm of ply length is needed to weight a gram, making 4.4 wt wool heavier than 7.0 wt.


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