Dachstein Woolwear Blaze Orange Safety Hunting Wool Cap

100% austrian Wool hunting Cap from Austria

Dachstein Woolwear Blaze Orange Hunter Safety Cap

Orange Dachstein Woolwear Cap


Exclusive Dachstein Woolwear Product!

Our hunter customers wanted an all wool blaze orange color safety hunting hat so we asked our knitters to make the world's warmest orange safety cap!   The Dachstein Woolwear 100% Austrian Wool Blaze Orange Hunting Cap is hand knit in Austria and used by Austrian hunters there in the mountainous forests.


You will find that an amazing thick boiled wool hat is just what you need to keep body heat from escaping in the coldest of climes!   Perfect for skiing, hunting, snowboarding, climbing, ice fishing, and any other outdoor winter sport you can think of.   Also the blaze orange color is good for not only hunting, but also winter construction, winter traffic direction, and crossing guards.   


Sizes: Standard 29cm or XL 33cm brim

Thickness: 2 ply warm or 4 Ply extreme warm


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  • 0.5 lb
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Warmth and Weight

Wool weight or wt. is the centimeter length of one gram of wool.  For example, 4.4 wt. is 4.4 cm of a ply of wool is needed to weigh one gram.  So a wool weight of 7.0 wt means 7.0 cm of ply length is needed to weight a gram, making 4.4 wt wool heavier than 7.0 wt.

Dachstein Extreme Warm Cap

3 Ply Austrian wool for added warmth

Dachstein Military Series